Having a few different spices and herbs on hand is necessary and comes in very handy. Using a few simple spices makes a dish even more so delicious and in some dishes it adds an attitude a depth that defines the dish.

My spice cabinet is filled with a variety of spices and herbs, I use a large variety spices and I use them often. The most commonly used spice in the United States is Black Pepper, which is great but there is nothing very special about the black pepper unless it is combined with a few others.

Middle Eastern dishes as well as European, Italian, Greek, Indian, Pakistani & Latin American cuisines use a large variety of spices and herbs. Here I will show you a selected variety of herbs and spices I use and keep in my spice cabinet. I will also introduce to you a few different variety of spices that I have learned from our customers and their benefits. All of these spices and herbs can be found in any/most middle eastern or ethnic stores and they are available for sale at AD Turkish Food Market.

Spices to Know & Have

  1. Dry Mint

Middle Eastern Spices

  1. Urfa Biber – Turkish Spice aka Lsot Pepper
  2. Nigella Sativa – aka Black sesame seeds
  3. Cardamom – Ground or Seeds
  4. Sumak – Brain awakener – great spice
  5. Baharat – aka Seven Spices
  6. Saffron – aka Asfor in Arabic

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  1. Adriana Toma on 20 Apr 2010 at 6:02 AM #

    Dear Partners,

    I sent you this message trying to join you to star a discution about how to sell you spices from Romania.
    If you are interested for any spices, bakery articles, hot chocolate, drops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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    Adriana Toma

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