Due to outrages weather events and my lack of motivation my posting has been seriously down.  I believe if it were not for my husband who motivates me to update and continue with my postings, this site would have been down a long time ago.  Between two jobs, house hold chores and my daughter’s non stop activities, I don’t have enough time during the day let alone a week to dedicate to my favorite site!  I know I should and I really want to and made a promise to myself that I will.  In the mean time, I will leave you with a view of this past Sunday’s November 11, 2012 breakfast.

Simple Turkish breakfast must’s cucumbers, tomatoes, pastirma,feta cheese, kashkaval cheese, Marmara black olives and Italian mixed olives.  Side of oven roasted potatoes with herbs de provence & hot pepper flakes and a simple oven baked swiss chard frittata.

Table Setting: Server ware brand is Spode and the dinnerware is Norikate all purchased from Macy’s .

 President Feta Cheese very good quality of feta cheese.

Marmara Birlik black olives the best black olives you will ever eat.


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