nysram07.12.10 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Selam, my friends!  May peace be upon you all in this glorious month of Ramadan.  I hope you are doing well during these long summer days.  These summer days and months are rolling along quite quickly and we have already completed the 13 day of this Mubarek month.  This past weekend, my dear friend Nalan, welcome us to her beautiful home and prepared us a feast that completely memorized us all and took us back home.

nysram07.12.13 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

An Istanbul Napkin Holder!  The biggest hit of the night, along with this tea glass.

Nysram 07 12 200x300 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Dried Dates

Nysram 07 121 200x300 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Roasted red peppers in yogurt

Nysram 07 122 200x300 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Homemade Hummus topped with roasted pine nuts & Turkish Pastirma

Nysram 07 123 300x200 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Nalan’s homemade chopped meat filled borek (meat pies)

Nysram 07 124 300x200 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Individual Shepperd salads

Nysram 07 125 300x200 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Saute of vegetables – squash, eggplant & onions, topped with a simple tomato sauce

Nysram 07 126 300x200 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Fresh Pinto Beans cooked in extra virgin olive oil

Nysram 07 127 300x200 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Turkish Style Zucchini Fritters


Nysram 07 128 200x300 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Turkish Tea & Gullac
A thin Turkish dry fillo prepared in a lightly sweet milk base topped with nuts.  Especially prepared in Ramadan,  it is very light and simply delicious. Can be found at Gulluoglu Baklava shops in New York & New Jersey locations.

Nysram 07 129 300x200 NALANS IFTAR INVITE

Lady M
Let me introduce you the one and only LADY M!  This is there Marron Mille Crepe Cake!  If you are New York, make sure you top by this Confectionery!

Not Pictured from the table are:

Red Lentil Soup
White Rice Pilaf
Oven Baked Shell Steak topped with a tomato base sauce
Homemade Baklava for Dessert


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